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Delta Controls Touch Screen Interface DHMI-7E

DOW-333: ORCAview


Description: The DHMI is a 7-inch diagonal, high resolution, wide-screen format, color LCD used for interfacing with the Delta Controls building Automation System. The Delta DHMI uses BACnet over Ethernet to communicate with controllers on a local area network. User created graphics allow the DHMI to be completely customized for a given application.

Application: The DHMI allows operators to monitor and manage building HVAC systems by using custom real-time graphics.

The Delta DHMI can be wall or panel mounted in mechanical rooms, which allows for monitoring and setting schedules for air handlers, boilers, chillers and other mechanical equipment.

It is also designed to be mounted in public spaces. The Delta DHMI can be used as a small building interface making it simple to do things such as change occupancy schedules, adjust temperature setpoints and view floor layouts.



  • High resolution, wide-screen display
  • Touch screen interface, no stylus required
  • Attractive, modern design, install in any location
  • Panel, wall, new and retrofit wallboard mounting
  • Create custom DHMI graphics using Illustrator
  • Modify controller schedules and calendars
  • Display and acknowledge alarms
  • Change setpoints, monitor inputs and outputs
  • Multiple users and passwords for restricting access
  • Supports BACnet over Ethernet communications
  • Firmware can be flash loaded over the network


DHMI-7-BOX - Used for surface mounting with conduit as well as flush wallboard mounting (new and retrofit installations)

Order the DHMI according to the following product number:

  • DHMI-7E—7-inch, Touch Screen DHMI with Ethernet