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Delta Controls Lighting Control

Description: The Delta Controls Lighting System offers full featured control of lighting loads. With a selection of product sized to handle from small to large numbers of lighting channels, the product can fit the application rather than the reverse.

For On/Off (digital) control the channels can be tied externally to switches, photocells, occupancy sensors, and any other contact driven control, and internally to schedules, programmable overrides, co-ordinate driven astronomical clock or any other custom programmable sequence required.

Delta Controls dimming solution is flexible and expandable. 0-10V outputs for dimmable ballasts provide control based on light levels (daylight harvesting), setpoints, scenes, or any custom programmable sequence desired.

Built in logging is part of every controller. It allows for keeping track of burn hours per relay channel for scheduled relamping to maintain design lumen output. Operators can review how the system was operating at a given time. Building owners can track energy savings provided by control strategies.

Delta Lighting Systems
Delta Lighting System

Delta Controls offers three cabinet size options, each cabinet is comprised of an enclosure, interior and cover...

Delta Lighting Controllers
Delta Lighting Controllers

The Delta Controls family of Lighting Controllers (DLC-xxx) are fully programmable native BACnet lighting controller...