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Delta Controls ORCAview

DOW-333: ORCAview

DOW-333: ORCAview

Description: ORCAview is Delta Controls’ Operator Workstation (OWS). It combines both simple to use front-end graphics with powerful, real-time system tools. The OWS operates on Windows Platforms (Windows 98/2000/XP) and incorporates many of its characteristics such as right-click context sensitive menus and F1 Help menus.


ORCAview has a built-in object-oriented system navigation and operation tool, called Navigator. Navigator has built-in real-time program editing capabilities for the controllers programs and can be used with Drag-and-Link technology with Illustrator, Delta Controls Graphic Editor.


ORCAview communicates using both standard BACnet network services and Delta Controls INTELLI-sys protocols. This facilitates interfacing with third-party. BACnet products as well as Delta Controls legacy products. Using its built-in BACnet IP capability, ORCAview can communicate on Wide Area Networks (WAN), which are connected over Intranets or Internet. ORCAview can also communicate on Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs). Using BACnet PTP protocol, ORCAview can connect to any DSC model controller over an EIA-232 connection directly or through a modem for remote access.



  • Automatic Discovery of Delta Controls or third-Party BACnet Devices
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Filterable Real-Time Data View
  • GCL+
  • Live Data
  • Live Program Modification
  • Color Coded Syntax
  • Program Trace Elements
  • Syntax-specific Help
  • Command from GCL+
  • Custom View Folders
  • Device Object Renaming
  • Dynamic System Graphics
  • Multi-Trend Viewer
  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Bitmap Graphics
  • WAV Files
  • Multiple Languages



  • Navigator Viewer
  • Toolbar
  • Illustrator