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Fire Protection / Life Safety

We are a Fire Systems integrator providing you with a single source for your fire alarm system needs.

We are a Fire Protection Systems Integrator providing design and installation services (Parts & Smarts) that will deliver a complete fire alarm system that is in full compliance with the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and all fire and life safety codes.

We offer complete fire & smoke system solutions from the following manufacturers:

System Sensor

System Sensor manufactures smoke and heat detection, duct and sprinkler monitoring, and emergency notification products.

Formed in 1984 to focus on the fire alarm systems market, today System Sensor is one of the largest manufacturers of fire detection and notification products in the world. A specialist in smoke detection technology, System Sensor places a high premium on research and development. The result is a line of products that are reliable, sophisticated and designed for real-world applications.

System Sensor products provide truly world-class fire and smoke detection.

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Gentex's corporate roots are in the fire protection industry. Since 1974, Gentex has provided an extensive line of commercial fire protection products to the North American market. Today, Gentex offers a complete line of high-quality photoelectric smoke detectors and alarms, visual and audible signals, speakers, and portable smoke alarms/visual units.

Gentex was originally founded as a manufacturer of high-quality fire-protection products. The Gentex team had long recognized a need for better smoke detection, and in 1974, introduced a product that literally revolutionized the industry.

This landmark product was the world's first dual-cell photoelectric smoke detector. It quickly became the industry benchmark because it was less prone to false alarms and was designed to quickly detect slow, smoldering fires. This technology became the foundation for our current products, millions of which can be found in schools, dormitories, hotels and hospital buildings throughout North America.

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STI is a family owned and operated business that began thirty years ago with Jack Taylor's invention of the Stopper Pull Station Protector. Safety Technology now markets more than 300 products throughout the world. These products help prevent false fire alarms, theft and vandalism of the things that protect us all.

Headquartered in Waterford, Michigan with an office in Worcestershire, England, the STI team has worked hard to continue the work Jack Taylor started. Their first product came directly at the request of a customer, Garnett Hegeman: a high school principal in Detroit, Michigan who had a problem with false fire alarms. Most of their new products throughout the years are a direct result of these types of requests. If you have a false fire alarm, theft, vandalism or other problem, Gentex invites you to challenge them into solving your issue.

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