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Honeywell Analytics-Experts in Gas Detection

Honeywell AnalyticsHoneywell Analytics is not only the market leading supplier of gas detection equipment and accessories, but a pioneering force behind the industry with an unrivalled offering of technical expertise. The Honeywell Analytics mission to provide an all-encompassing resource for gas detection and to set the benchmark for standards and expertise in the industry.


As the gas detection expert, Honeywell Analytics brings together nearly 200 collective years of expertise in design, manufacture and technology.

  • First for optical technology
  • First with the sensor cartridge concept
  • First for electrochemical cell technology
  • First with Surecellâ„¢ sensor technology improving performance of electrochemical sensing
  • First with the chemcassette cartridge
  • First for domestic CO sensing
  • First for automated sensor manufacturing, removing error associated with manual manufacture
  • First for digital communications protocol
  • First for intrinsic safety in the industrial sector
  • First with a centralized customer support facility
  • Set the standard for Open Path gas detection technology in the industry

Honeywell gas detection systems are designed for use in a diverse range of commercial applications, from refrigerant systems and mechanical rooms to parking structures and office complexes. Each of these applications has its own set of requirements, both legal and practical, and we are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure all of these needs are met. In order to simplify purchasing and installation for our customers, we offer complete product packages for use in common gas monitoring situations.

Some of the more common air quality hazards include:

  • HVAC:
    • Refrigerants in mechanical rooms
    • CO and NO2 in indoor parking garages
    • CH4 in boiler rooms
    • Freon in grocery stores
    • CO2 for demand control ventilation

  • Industrial:
    • Flammable gases
    • CO, CH4, O2 and H2S in waste water treatment plants
    • CO in aerospace, automotive industries
    • Cl2 in pools
    • Propane in ice arenas and parking garages

Parking Garage - Honeywell Analytics

Adaptability and innovation are key themes at Honeywell Analytics. The company's comprehensive product range has an option suited to every type of application or industry. In addition, a strong commitment to service and understanding the unique needs of its customers ensures that Honeywell Analytics remains the premier provider of gas detection solutions, and a name that is synonymous with excellence.

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