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We are a Security Systems integrator providing you with a single source for your security alarm system needs. We are an authorized RS2 Technologies dealer providing design and installation support services (Parts & Smarts) that will deliver a security alarm system that can provide trouble free perimeter, interior and/or exterior detection

We offer complete intrusion solutions from:

RS2 Technologies

With our relationship with RS2 Technologies we are able to provide users with integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection systems in which all elements communicate on the same network. By combining the intrusion detection products (listed below) with the RS2 system, users can create powerful, customized security system solutions.

In the past, intrusion detection systems and access control systems were installed using separate cabling, door contacts, etc., which increased system installation costs. Also, the systems did not share data, making it difficult to associate intrusion alarms with access control events. By integrating RS2’s powerful Access It!® software and hardware with intrusion detection products via TCP/IP (or RS-232) communication on the same network, users can now:

  • Use a single, consistent graphical interface for both the access control system and the intrusion detection system
  • Monitor intrusion events and alarms via the access control system
  • Execute access control system tasks based on intrusion events or alarms
  • Record alarm event data in the access control system events database
  • Control day-to-day intrusion detection system operations (arming/disarming zones, etc.) via Access It!®
  • Locate and review alarms through Access It!®’s Reports function

RS2 Technologies Intrusion Detection Integration Partners:

  • Bosch
  • DMP (Digital Monitoring Products)

As shown in the diagram below, users can configure any number of intrusion detection components into an integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection system through the same Local Area Network. Monitoring of intrusion events and control of specific areas and zones are all accomplished within the same system.

RS2 Integration with Intrusion Systems

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